All LORENTZ Solar Water Pumping Systems are CONNECTED, this means they are easy to configure, provide rich information to technicians and customers plus they can be managed remotely.

Our CONNECTED features make configuration simple, reduce site visit costs and ensure you are informed of exactly what your life critical solar water pumping system is doing.

Inbuilt data logging

LORENTZ systems constantly record operational data and store it for real-time or historic analysis. Our pump controllers have a Bluetooth™ module which allows for wireless connection using open standard, low costs Android™ devices (phones or tablets).

Simple, full-featured interaction

To complement our clear 5 icons LED display more detailed data and programming is available via our PumpScanner Android ™ App. PumpScanner allows both technicians and customers to see real-time and historic data from the system, you can see what is happening now and look back at historic events and system performance.

Simple sizing and configuration

LORENTZ partners use our COMPASS planning and simulation software to design a system that meets the customers’ water needs.

The system is configured on site using PumpScanner. The common configuration is done with three clicks and there is full access to configure system behaviour based on additional sensor inputs.


Manage and monitor your pumps from anywhere

LORENTZ pump systems can also be connected to our pumpMANAGER management service. This is a simple, cloud-delivered, pay monthly service that takes away the complexity of remote monitoring and management. One low fee means that you can see exactly what the system is doing, make changes to settings and receive alerts irrespective of location.