Helical Rotor Solar Pumps

The HR pump is a positive displacement pump, the rotor has an eccentric movement which when rotating inside the stator effectively squeezes water through the pump on every rotation. This positive displacement action means that water is pumped when the pump is running at very low speeds and that high pressure can be created making it able to pump water at high lifts.


The high efficiency and ability to produce high pressure mean that water pumping can start early in the day when the solar power is low and that the pump will continue late into the afternoon.

The pump only has two main parts: stator and rotor – the stator is made of abrasion resistant rubber in a stainless steel stator housing, the rotor is made of solid stainless steel. This design makes it very robust and gives the pump a long operational life.


 To maximize efficiency the pumps are supplied with different tolerances (classes) that are optimized for different water conditions and operating temperatures.

The difference between helical rotor and centrifugal



Helical rotor
  • High lift with low power
  • Positive displacement
    • water is moved at all speeds
    • efficient
  • Mechanically simple
  • Limited flow
  • Small size
  • Can achieve very high flows
  • Become large to achieve high heads