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Why are LORENTZ systems more efficient?

As the energy from the sun is not constant, either seasonally or daily due to changing of the weather, a solar pumping system must adapt to the changing conditions and deliver as much water possible with the amount of power available. Software in the pump controller looks at the available power and changes how the pump is powered to maximise the water output.

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SmartSolution Hybrid Power

When only hybrid power makes sense

There are applications and times when solar power alone is not the most practical or economical solution. Think of applications where there are times in the day or times in the year where sizing a solar system for the peaks means that the solar system is oversized for most of the year and so not the best investment.

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Helical Rotor Solar Pumps

Designed to be both efficient and robust.

The HR pump is a positive displacement pump, the rotor has an eccentric movement which when rotating inside the stator effectively squeezes water through the pump on every rotation. This positive displacement action means that water is pumped when the pump is running at very low speeds and that high pressure can be created making it able to pump water at high lifts.

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Product range from 150W to 40kW

The all new range of LORENTZ Solar Pump systems is now available:

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Pumps terms

What you need to know about pumps

View information about the lowest point of water vs highest point of water. Also, find out what is static water level and how to calculate total dynamic head.

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Connecting all your LORENTZ Solar Water Pumping Products 

All LORENTZ Solar Water Pumping Systems are CONNECTED, this means they are easy to configure, provide rich information to technicians and customers plus they can be managed remotely.

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