SmartSolution Hybrid Power

When only hybrid power makes sense

There are applications and times when solar power alone is not the most practical or economical solution. Think of applications where there are times in the day or times in the year where sizing a solar system for the peaks means that the solar system is oversized for most of the year and so not the best investment.

Let us think about a simple example: If we have fruit tree irrigation, we can size a system that delivers all the water for 10 months of the year, but we need 30% extra for the 2 months before harvest.

Using a hybrid system, we can meet 95% of our annual demand with solar and the 5% annual extra (30% for 2 months) with generator power.

Installing expensive and inefficient battery systems are not a good answer as the capital investment and relatively short life would make the project very expensive. Installing hybrid power is a much more sensible way to manage these short-term needs.

The LORENTZ SmartSolution

In this example the LORENTZ PSk2 system has SmartSolution hybrid power:

Blending power

The LORENTZ SmartSolution Hybrid Power automatically blends power from solar and external sources, only using the external source where your demand for water requires it. This is not a switching system that switches between sources but effectively blends power so that only the power that is needed is demanded from the non-solar source. For a hybrid generator solution, this means running at partial load, for a hybrid grid solution, this means using kWh from the grid as a top up.

Any water need is met automatically

Where there is a flow or pressure critical water pumping application, anything from an industrial process to a commercial swimming pool, the LORENTZ SmartSolution can solve the problem. PSk2manages the start and end of day transition from solar to grid or from solar to generator power seamlessly and without the need for any operator intervention.