Lorentz Accessories



LORENTZ AC PowerPack allows the pump to be powered by an AC generator or commercial utility power. The solar array remains connected. If the sun comes out again, less power is drawn from the AC source.

A common application is for a portable genset (gasoline generator) to run a well pump. When the generator is stopped (or runs out of fuel) the pump automatically returns to solar power when the sunshine is sufficient. No manual switching is required.

The PowerPack will power the pump to its full capacity. With some systems, it will produce a greater flow rate than you will see with solar power.


The LORENTZ SunSwitch is an automatic solar level switching device which allows products to be switched on or off at predetermined solar light intensities. It is an autonomous working unit that supplies itself with power from the solar cells on its rear side. It is environmentally protection rated to IP54.

Some solar pumps (e.g. centrifugals) are only effectively pumping water when a minimum solar irradiation is available. When there is not enough irradiation, the pump starts to rotate but does not deliver any water. In this case the pump can heat up and wear off prematurely.

The SunSwitch can also be used with appropriate relays to switch on a mains power pack to provide a constant power source in pumping applications where minimum flow requirements need to be met 24 hours per day. An example of this would be for commercial swimming pools where constant turnover of water is required 24 hours per day. The SunSwitch will activate a power supply when the solar energy is not sufficient to provide the required water flow rate.


LORENTZ supply a range of ancillaries for their pump range including:

  • well probe sensors to avoid dry running
  • splice kits for connecting submersible cables
  • float switches for tank full indication when pumping to a storage tank
  • pressure sensors for remote tank switch off
  • DC disconnect devices for solar array safety